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We'll welcome thousands of people to Hillsborough for an unforgettable experience at Festival at the Fort. Find out our plans for Festival at the Fort events, and getting to and from Hillsborough.

What is Festival at the Fort?

Festival at the Fort is a series of events that will invigorate all those for whom Orangeism and Ulster-Scots is part of their makeup. Furthermore, Festival at the Fort will help those who wish to learn more about Orangeism and Ulster-Scots delve into these unique traditions and provide a platform from which the very best of Orange and Ulster-Scots culture, whether through music, heritage, pageant or word, can be heralded to a wider audience not only during Festival at the Fort, but moving forward, creating a sustainable legacy for the future.

It is our intention to organise and oversee a festival that will showcase all that is best and valuable of Orange and Ulster-Scots heritage and identity, with events for everyone to enjoy . It is organised by the people for the people.

Making Festival at the Fort Happen

Festival at the Fort is being organised by Hillsborough District LOL No. 19 in conjunction with Hillsborough Working Together and other partner organisations.

Many of the key personnel within the organising committee were involved in running Festival at the Fort in 2003 and have a depth of experience in local community activities.

Festival at the Fort has been recognised as a Flagship Twelfth location by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and Tourism Ireland , meaning that Festival at the Fort in Hillsborough will be a standard bearer for Orange celebrations this year.



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